It all adds up in the end

Click on the links to practice any of the skills.
The following sites allow you to practice conversions between different measures online against a clock and for high scores. Check it out!!!!!

measurement conversionsHarder metric conversionsconvert meters to hectaresconvert square and cubic measuresConvert cubic meters to litres AreaArea and Perimeter word problemsvolumescale changes

Don't forget to do some homework every day! Just 20 mins of revising what we did today will help improve your grades on tests :)

Revising conversions, area and volume in chapters 10,11,12 for the test next week would be a good idea.


  • Make sure you know which formula to use to solve problems. Remember the letters stand for words e.g. V lwh means volume will be the length,width and height multiplied together.=

  • Read the word problems carefully and make sure you are clear about what you need to solve, then solve it in order or (sequentially) (thats a big word for doing it in a sensible order.)

  • Write it down, all of it, the whole working out process needs to be written down, our brains are not made in a way that lets us hold more than a couple of numbers at a time. SO WRITE IT DOWN!!!